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Learn about the visionary, the maker, and where it all began...

It's what you drape over your body.
It matters.
You will feel different wearing
natural, handmade clothing. 
They move with you.
They shape to you, they become you. 
Let TBG help you dress in the morning.
  Pull a couple billowy pieces off the back
of your chair - they all mix and match - 
slip them on, and get to your business.  
Whether you teach kindergarten,  work from home,
or you're a mama/grandma on the go,
TBG will cover you in truth, beauty, and goodness.
Our garments are not just clothes...
they are part of your lifestyle: The TBG Way. 


The Visionary

Tes created TBG to literally and figuratively send out ripples of Truth Beauty + Goodness into the the world and into the lives of the people her company touches. 

With Love + care she designs and creates timeless long lasting clothing and occasional home goods for you and your TBG life, so you can send out your ripples of Truth Beauty + Goodness.  


And we can live together, The TBG Way; holding hands and watching sunsets, playing with puppies and children, and eating strawberries and listening to the birdies sing. 

May the ripples of Truth Beauty + Goodness never end.


The Maker

Claire and Tes share a very special friendship.


Claire first learned how to sew in the third grade at Live Oak Waldorf School, where Tes taught handwork class.


Claire was a natural creative and went on to study costume making in high school and then fashion design at FIDM in San Francisco. She did internships in Europe and SF right up until she and Tes found their way full circle, creating Truth Beauty + Goodness together.

They are a special team.

Claire has her own clothing line @flyingneedlestudio.

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 9.12.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 8.59.06 PM.png

Natural Trading Co.

Where It All Began

This is the tipi where Tes had a vision come to her. A mysterious, not quite understood, yet seen and felt. A way to move forward in her Life, the first meeting of TBG.  She remembers exactly how she was standing, the images and nuances that followed.  She strongly felt the color Violet, the color of her connection to Great Spirit.  This is where The VIOLET Dress comes from. The lodge and the TBG studio are in Newcastle, on a 40 acre organic farm, The Natural Trading Co. She is grateful every single day for this land and the people and animals that live and work there.

May our passage on this Earth, be helpful.

To all the people whose lives we touch,

To all the animals whose lives we touch,

To all the plants whose lives we touch,

and even to the very stones.

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